Refrigerated Island Showcase VISC-10-125

Refrigerated Island Showcase VISC-10-125

Charcuter’a Carnicer’a

Energy Efficiency Class *

* The information regarding the energy class (according to EU Regulations 2019/2018 and 2019/2024) refers to the best configuration available for these models. Any configuration different from the same can vary significantly in the information related to the energy class. Additionally, this configuration is based on information available at the time of publication of this page. For more information, consult the EPREL European Database of Energy Labeling Products or contact our Commercial Department.



Model Length x Height x Depth (mm) Length x Height x Depth (mm) Refrigerated Shelves Area (m2) Refrigerated Shelves Area (m 2 ) Total Exhibition Area (TDA) (m2) Total Exhibition Area (TDA)(m 2 ) Net Volume (l) Net Volume (l) Cooling Power (W) Cooling Power (W) Rated Consumption (W) Rated Consumption (W) Refrigerant Refrigerant
VISC-10-125 1253X974X1246 1.05 1.31 230 949 R-290 1089

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