DOCRILUC S.L. Internal Information Channel

The Internal Information Channel is the preferred system enabled by DOCRILUC S.L. for sending communications about possible breaches in accordance with the provisions of Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory violations and the fight against corruption.

What facts can be reported through this Channel?

This Internal Information Channel is intended to receive communications about actions or omissions that may constitute violations of European Union Law (in the terms set out in article 2 of Law 2/2023) and those that may constitute a serious or very serious crime or administrative infraction.

What facts should not be reported through this Channel?

In no case may the Internal Information Channel be used to report strictly private disputes or conflicts, false or distorted information, routine work problems or claims regarding the ordinary management of the services provided by DOCRILUC S.L.

Who can make the communications?

Informants who have professional or work ties with the entity, such as those who have ended their professional relationship, workers in training or internship, people who participate in selection processes, people who work for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, including also people who can provide assistance to informants.


The Internal Information Channel of DOCRILUC S.L. is designed, established and managed in a secure manner, so that the confidentiality of the identity of the informant and of those potentially affected by the communication made is guaranteed, also allowing the reception and processing of anonymous communications.

Prohibition of reprisals

DOCRILUC S.L. expressly prohibits acts constituting retaliation, including threats and attempts at retaliation against persons who submit a communication through the aforementioned Channel.

External information channels

Without prejudice to being able to use this Internal Information Channel to make your communication, you may also access for these purposes the external information channels established by the Public Administrations, which are referred to in the aforementioned Law 2/2023.